Safety First

We are committed to guaranteeing the high quality of our products and, operating in the food sector, our first objective is to ensure full compliance with all safety regulations aimed at guaranteeing full consumer protection.

Through our association with the GIFLEX group, we are constantly updated on the safety issues and legislative parameters in the field of food packaging in Italian legislation.

BRC (British Retail Consortium), a global reference body for food safety, ensures the quality and safety of food products offered to consumers by establishing operational criteria and factory standards.
For years we have been implementing a quality management system designed in accordance with the principles of the Codex Alimentarius HACCP.


  • TOP 500+ Monza and Brianza
  • 1st place “Best in flexo 2018 – quality award”.
  • 2nd classified International Category at the Quality Flexo Award Prof. Sergio Vay 2017 in São Paulo – Brazil
  • Enterprise and Work – 2018 edition
  • 2nd place “Best in flexo 2017 – quality award”.
  • Finalist “From Father to Son – 2017 Edition” category Brothers in Command.
  • Mention in the “Print connection 2017” ranking