Packaging able to ensure the preservation of product over time and its protection against deterioration caused by air, light and temperature.

  • Beverages and infusions
  • Ready meals and condiments
  • Animal-by products and derived products
  • Confectionery
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Ice cream and frozen food
  • Bread, rice, pasta and similar
  • Pet food

Packaging able to ensure the conservation of cosmetics, pesticides, pharmaceutical products, shampoo and cleaning products.

  • Cosmetic & beauty
  • Health product
  • Chemical products

Packaging able to create an inviolable barrier between the product shipped and external agents, to insulate buildings and to shield electronic products.

  • Technological
  • Non-technological
  • Special

An inviolable barrier to protect quality

Carta Stampa produces, for more than fifty years, flexible packaging able to cover the needs of each sector.

From packs for chocolates to those for dried mushrooms; from packaging containing diet bars to those for pesticides; from film for industrial sector to those for electromagnetic equipment or used to insulate roofs and buildings.

There’s really no limit to the types of packaging that CARTA STAMPA is able to offer to its customers. Thanks to qualified staff and technologically advanced system, CARTA STAMPA guarantees high quality and competence.

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